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We will look into what kind of signification this has had on your present incarnation. We will go through ego, personality, individuality, monad relationships and the archetype. The relationship between the Seven Rays and the Seven Chakras. We will also look into the pattern as to race, religion, country, development, obstacles and problems and the signification this might have had in your present incarnation. You will get a detailed consultation about food and diet and an Easy Stretching program as well as advice on how, where and what metals, stones, herbs, colors and cell salts that are good for you, that will help you to get health, vitality, beauty and success.

Your horoscopes will be compared with your partner's and you will know your chances for a happy marriage, if the relationship will be long or short, children, responsibility, duties, obstacles in life and success. You will get a complete study of the relationship between you and your partner, if your marriage will be happy or not, long or short, spiritual, soul, mind and body interpretation, past lives and dharma.

We will examine partners and people around you, your talents, successes as well as problems or you can yourself tell me what you want to know. To book a consultation, please call or email us: elanra55 yahoo. Nadi astrology was written and has been preserved since years. Anders also conducts tours to the Akashic Record Reading houses in northern and southern India upon request. Coming travel to India will take place. September , Clarify the number of chapters ordered and thumbprints submitted as attachment. Interview of the Month Mr Durai Subburathinam - Nadi Astrologer Natives, whose leaves are with us, are destined to come to us at the appropriate age specified on the leaves from any part of the world.

Nadi Astrology is a valuable gift handed over to us by our intellectual ancestors. However, it is quite unfortunate to note that no other form of astrology has been criticized or manipulated as much as Nadi Astrology. Due to the cloud of mystery surrounding Nadi Astrology, a number of quacks play havoc with the gullible public. They should be made aware of the fact that sincere, devoted Nadi Readers also exist who possess genuine palm leaves transcribed by our ancient rishis.

These sincere Nadi Readers are more than eager to wipe away the doubts in the minds of doubting Thomases. Our EST team visited. Mr Durai Subburathinam's Nadi center commands the faith and respect of thousands of people who have tested the authenticity of the leaves he holds. Mr Subburathinam, in this eye-opening article, offers some pointers by which the common public can distinguish between genuine Nadi Readers and hoaxes. Q: Sir, you seem to possess a good collection of old palm leaves. Could you tell us the history of these palm leaves?

A: Yes. The origin of these leaves can be traced back to approximately years ago. Later during the British rule, the British were very keen to acquire these types of ancient leaves which deal with herbal cure, alchemy, different types of rasayans, Kayakalpa to increase longevity, different branches of fortune-telling etc. In some, the basic rules of the modern scientific inventions are explained. The British were very keen to take all these but left some of the astrological leaves to their loyalists. Some were put on auction also.

People belonging to a particular caste who specialized in astrology bought these leaves and they earned their livelihood through Nadi-reading. It is a hereditary profession for us. We belong to the place called Vaitheeswaran Koil, in south Tamil-Nadu. We got trained from our elders to do the Nadi-reading. The language is poetic and the script is also different. It is the same as in the ancient temples. We have only a certain amount of collection of leaves. Natives whose leaves are here will, somehow or other, come to us at the appropriate age specified on the leaves from any corner of the world.

Leaves are there not only for Indians but for foreigners also belonging to other religions. Whoever is destined to look into the leaves will come to us on his own accord. The very word "Nadi" in Tamil means destined to come on own accord. Q: Do you mean to say that you don't possess the leaves of those who are not destined to come to you. A: Exactly. They may not even know that such a type of astrology exists. Even the very age when the native is destined to come to us is marked on the leaves.

So, we do not advertise for our profession. Whoever is destined to come will come. Faith is the root of our system. Q: What is the first step in Nadi Astrology? A: We take the impression of the right thumb for males and the left thumb for females. There is no need to disclose your name, place or horoscope.

My Nadi Jyotish reading at Vaitheeswaram Koil - Palm Leaf Astrology - Is life predestined?

Q: How to you proceed further with the thumb impression? A: Lines on the thumb are classified into types. Palm leaves are arranged according to these types. We identify the particular type of lines on the thumb and the corresponding set of palm leaves are taken. For example, a particular type is called conch shell with a circle. Among this, there are many sub-divisions based on the number of dots on the thumb. Impressions with 5 or more dots are very rare. Q: What is the significance of Nadi Astrology?

A: There are 12 chapters parts. The first chapter contains the native's name, parents' names, present details of profession, brothers, sisters, children, spouse and a gist of future predictions for all the twelve bhavas. There is also a poetic description of the planetary positions in the native's horoscope. The other chapters deal elaborately every aspect of your life. For example, the 5th chapter deals with children, their birth, death, reasons for not having children, adoption, future life of the children, remedial measures etc.

The 7th chapter indicates the time of marriage, name, ascendant and the planetary positions of the horoscope of the spouse and life after marriage. Chapters 2 to 12 till give the future predictions up to the end of the life from the date of perusal of that chapter. There are four more chapters - chapter 13 and 14 deal with the previous birth and the sins committed therein.

Remedial measures are also given for getting rid of the effect of the sins of the past birth. Chapter 15 prescribes the medicines and methods of consumption for chronic diseases. The 16th chapter gives predictions for the current dasa and bhukti periods in detail. In addition to these, there is also a special chapter for "Prasna" where any query is answered. All these were written hundred of years ago by our Maharishis. Q: Amazing. But how is it possible? A: With divine grace, our Maharishis were able to foresee a lot.

They have foreseen and predicted the type of name and the events of life for a person born at a particular moment with corresponding planetary positions. Sage Agasthiya has written in Tamil. Other Sanskrit texts were translated into Tamil. Marata King Sarabhoji and Chola kings patronized this form of astrology and translations.

Q: Could you share some of your experiences with us? A: I would like to tell the people that we are only "Nadi Readers". What is written on the leaves is read and explained by us. We ourselves do not add anything. Some clients get irritated when some of the facts are unpleasant. We cannot help it. With utmost patience, we clear their doubts. Common people and VIPs from all walks of life have consulted us. We show them the particular leaf where the predictions for the native are given. Some of our customers are able to read the leaves on their own. Some even buy their leaves for preservation.

Q: Could you pick the leaf for one of us who have come from EST? Of course. You can even take photographs of the names in the leaf. Leaf was promptly picked up from the thumb impression. Name and other details of the native were verified by the EST team and photographs were taken. Q: There is a general complaint that the Nadi readers collect a lot of informations from the client himself?

What is your answer to this? A: Some of the leaves give the native's name as such in full. In some the names are only suggested indirectly giving details about the number of letters in the name, clues of a corresponding deity etc. In those cases, we ask questions to find out the right leaf. We tell the clients to say only "yes" or "no" and nothing more. You can also verify your horoscope with the description of the horoscope given in the leaf. Without truth and integrity, we cannot survive for so many years and generations. Of course, there are places where there are fake leaves.

They will not be able to show you the leaf with your name and other details. Q: Also there is an opinion that the remedial measures are suggested only by you and that they are money-making gimmicks? A: No. This is not true at all. We only read the remedial measures given in the particular chapter. Generally remedial measures are like visiting particular temples, feeding the poor etc. There is no compulsion to do them. Corresponding to the sins, the remedial measures are suggested in the leaves. The clients can themselves verify them in their leaves.

In some cases, while reading the 13th chapter, there is a suggestion of giving alms to the Nadi reader for preserving the leaves. He helps the native to amend his sins by informing the native of his poorva-karma. But these are only optional. Q: Do these remedial measures really reduce the troubles? I have seen many people getting benefitted by this. We get the feedback from the clients. Pleased with our service, they bring their friends and relatives for a Nadi reading.

Q: People say that they have to wait for hours to get the Nadi reading. How far is it true? A: The time duration depends upon the identification of the thumb impression. Some impressions are identified easily and the corresponding leaves are found soon. Q: I have seen many foreigners waiting outside to see you. How far do they believe this Nadi Astrology? They have complete faith in Nadi readings. Some even fast their thumb impressions and get the predictions. We have translators with us to serve them. Q: Will your children take up the same profession? Our children are also interested in this profession and they are learning the old script and other languages.

With the blessings of our ancestors, we will continue for generations. Q: Thumb impressions are unique scientifically and are used for legal purposes. What is the difference between your classification and theirs? A: For legal purposes, the whole thumb is studied minutely. This is a humble attempt to clear some of the doubts and mysteries surrounding Nadi Astrology and to bring out the authenticity of the ancient art. This article is from the Indian magazine "Star Teller".

Mrs Jeyashree Ramakrishna, author of the article. Evidence of ancient manuscripts like brihat samhits, jathaka, paarijatha etc was obtained. There are several branches in Astrology or horoscope analysis viz. Nadi astrology has two distinct definitions:. Predictions of human beings were inscribed on palm leaves like many other fields like arts, science, medicine of ancient days.

Initially they were in Sanskrit. It was recopied before years back. In due course such palm leaves were preserved by many tamil kings who gathered all such palm leaves irrespective of the subjects and stored them in big libraries. The rulers of chela kingdom and the Mavatha king sarfojee Maharaja saved or preserved such palm leaves from decaying with age. Driven by their passion for the tamil language they translated them into tamil and preserved them at Saraswathi Mahal inside the Tanjore palace in south India.

The king of Tanjore too, a true patron of arts and sciences, preserved such leaves in his palace library. With help of pandits or learned scholars he too translated all the contents from Sanskrit to tamil. The credit goes to such tamil kings who by their interest preserved the leaves which are the repository of the wisdom of ancient rishis. Later, during the British rule, the British were very keen to acquire these leaves which also dealt with herbal cure, alchemy, different types of rasayans, Kayakalpa to increase longevity, different branches of fortune telling etc.

In some, the basic rules of the modern scientific inventions were explained. Hence, these valuable contents were readily taken away by the British but left behind some of the astrological leaves to their loyalists. Some bundles of leaves were hence put on auction also. Experts in the field of astrology belonging to a particular caste specialized in astrological analysis, realized its significance and spontaneously bought these leaves and subsequently earned their livelihood through such Nadi readings. Gradually it became a traditional and hereditary profession or occupation for many who adopted such a career.

Such palm leaves were thus auctioned from the British by the forefathers of Sri: Agasthiyar Durai Subburathnam, and C Balakrishnan who were residing in Vaitheshwaran temple and in adjacent places of the very temple as a group and involved dedicatedly since the hundred years in the same field. Henceforth, such leaves were passed on to their generations, respectively. Hence, his ancestors together with him to present days proved to be imminent, ardent, sincere astrologers since 80 years approximately for three generations serving the public to restore more of peace, good health, prosperity and universal integration.

After his demise, his eldest son Arulsivam Arumugam, deeply involved himself in Nadi astrology and people from all over the world sought Nadi predictions from him. It seems that they were tutorial exercises set by the ancient sages to their pupils who were set the task of composing the horoscopes of persons yet to be born in a series of dates and times.

It is said that the leaves were unearthed during colonial times by the British, who then auctioned them off. The ones that were left over and retrieved are the leaves that can be found and read today. Source: Virtual Library.

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I t's a rainy Monday morning. But the inclement weather does not deter the steady stream of people making their way down a literally unknown lane on the seaside off Galle Road, Bambalapitiya. It's a mixed bunch that enters the building. Youngsters hiding behind their grandmothers' saris, stern-faced men clasping heavy files and folders, anxious-looking young couples and schoolchildren dragged along by eager mothers. What is the force that draws them here? The building is not impressive, there is no signboard informing patrons of what is in store for them.

There's no smiling receptionist to greet you. Though apprehensive at first we too enter, up the winding staircase and onto the landing looking out to the sea. There is still no one to greet you, just a throng of people. There seems to be an unwritten set of rules to follow. Slip off your shoes and join the queue. The procedure after that is simple. When your turn arrives, you place two thumbprints on the given paper. You are then asked for your birth-date, which is quickly noted down, as is your gender.

After that, it's time to wait. The door closes. By around nine, everyone is impatient. Yet there's not a murmur from the crowd. The birth-dates are called out as a form of identification. It is then that you are told when to come back. But what is the ultimate goal of this tedious exercise? Simple, it's to fulfil a need that grips this country. It's the inherent desire to know your past, present and future being read by a complete stranger.

There's palmistry and there's astrology. I have heard about 'Kaandam' Nadi Reading many many years ago and almost everyone said that they were told the truth, however, I have never approached for getting 'Nadi' reading sofar as I don't believe in any God or religion. Can anyone advise if I could still approach for 'Nadi' reading? Is there anything to do with God or Hindu religion?

Will it work for me? Thank you in advance. I'm really curious about this and want to listen. But I'm not ready to hear my parents' death date. Can I ask them to avoid that part when reading? After he started reading, they didnt let me disturb in the middle. I also got the reading last month. Most of the time I feel like believing it and some times I dnt knw. I also have a problm,why they ask us to stay for a while and they go out even after selecting our correct leaf?

But anyway, not all the details they say are collected from the information we give. Some say its correct. Future details we can check several years after. If they become true in the fututre, then I can exactly say whether I can recommend it or not. And some are not. Will see. I need to check my horoscope. Are all nadi prediction comes true. I went the place few days before. All my details were true except my religion.

I would like to know about my past life and what would be my future I got the reading recently. To select the correct leaf, they are asking several questions, if they are asking my name to select the correct leaf, thats fine. To confirm those details, they are using our information as well. Pleaase tell me.

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Nice Post!! Astrology and life both are connect to each other. Astrology is best way for solve future problems. I also visited this place and i really believe them coz of my friends recommendation. But finally i realized that they were gathering all our information by asking lots of questions and if we answered them incorrectly,the so called NADI statement they mentioned that incorrect things.

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  • For an exp, when they what my father currently doing, i just replied he was a pensioner and at the time of reading my leaf they mentioned that my father had a government job, whereas in really my father is a retired person from a private company, never did any government job. They started to charge from us at the entrance for flowers den for nadi readings, CD writing and also for they ask tip for their translators if we couldn't understand Tamil.

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    I have already known about this earlier, One of my friend's father has passed away in early age. And the family later found that he went to this place and checked his future from a record, and he knew about his death but he did not tell any of his family members. Nadi statement is not like checking your chart and try to trick you. If you guys are going to trick and give wrong information about how your name starts etc, then you are making fun of them and you are deliberately wasting your money plus you don't have any desire to get to know.

    Normally I'm not the person believe everything which most of the people say. But I wanted to check it for my relax because I faced a big problem in my life. So I did not wanted to trick and I did not want them to trick on me. This was the first time believe me, I gave only my date of birth and thumb print , so the person who read the leaves asked about how my name starts, how my parents' and husband's name start This he did not ask when before he start read leaves he had in his hand.

    He read every leaf with the names possible, if at least one name is wrong he skip the leaf and read next.

    Shri Kowsika Agasthiya Nadi Astrology Cal Bureau

    He started to read at about 4. He skipped more than 40 leaves and then he told a name that was exactly mine so I told yes it is. Then my father's name was there then my mothers name then my husband's name. It was exactly same even without any spelling mistakes. I have never feel the same when my mother takes me to a Astrologists etc. If you guys don't believe and going to make fun, then please do not go there. Where exactly did you go to get your Nadi reading?

    Can you give me the contact details? Thank you! I also want to know that if their future prediction about your partner is told correctly? Well I don't know if they predict correctly but I went to this place recently. All the other details of my name, parents name, occupation were correct.

    But they said me some details about my future husband which was identical to the details of my ex bf. I don't know if I meet a person who has the same details of my ex again or what will happen in the future. I will definetely let you know in the future. Yeah i also went there. Yes they tod me i will marry between when i am 25 years old and 27 yrs old. Can you please tell me exactly how much would it cost for one chapter Thank you. I went to this place back in I met my husband in and his name or any other information were not matching with that reading.

    That marraige didnt work and we seperated in And I started dating a foreigner and we engaged now. We going to marry in middle of next year. Recently I found the old recording of my nadi reading and surprisingly my current husband's name was there. Not only the name but all other information like his occupation, his family, his name and feathers. I'm speechless and I have to believe nadi reading now because it seems like a magic to me. How could they able to predict this man's details since he was a foreigner. His name is not easy to guess.

    So I will say, Nadi readings are true we never know where is our destiny. So better go try first then judge later.

    Shri Agasthiya Kowsika Nadi Astrological Center in Chennai

    Is there anyone who has gone through shanthi chapter? Is it reliable? Do their remedies like poojas and yantras work? I went to this place recently. They told me that I will face few problems in my work place. I didn't believe them because I was doing great there. But the things they said happened exactly like they said them to be. They also predicted some details about my future husband which was identical to the details of my ex bf. I don't know if I meet a person who has same details of my ex again or what will happen in the future. I will have to wait and see. I visited this place.

    They correctly guessed certain basic info about me. However, they failed to guess my parents name or my name. After few unsuccessful attempts, they asked me to come on another day as they don't have my leaf with them. My friend also came with me to check hers. After my incident, they said my friend also that they couldn't find her leaf as well, without even taking her inside.

    She was saw disappointed. We will see what will happen in the next day. I want to know my life. Please help me. How can I send my information to see my nadi readings. I also still dont belive him.. Sura walata yanda one nehe dena shanthi karma tika karanda.

    Welcome to Shri Koushika Nadi Astrology Centre

    I need to go there could someone give direction and how to make an appointment. My brother went there in They said our parent's names, and all the family details correctly including my brother's job-Army Officer. They've told about his future till he reaches 77 including his future wife's name and lot of details. But he died in because of war in the age of Though my bro paid thousands of rupees to them we lost him. Can anybody give me the contact details of this place? How can I make an appointment? Then you will be get together with her again Magic happens Any thing is possible in this world Nothing is permanent so anything can happen..

    Did you give them a lot of details abt that girl in the first chapter.. They asked some informations but not all. They just wanted to ensure our details with their Thalpath. Otherwise they will reading another one's details to you. So give them correct details what they asked from you. You could realize these are true or not after years. Leo Did you meet your ex girl friend again. To me they hold my ex boy friends details.

    Thats why I am asking. Has anyone tried online nadi reading? Is there any genuine place. Im trying to find a online nadi reading. I am in Sri Lanka until a few more days and try to contact you on the telephone but is not possible, can you get in touch with me, it is very important! Hi i went there But it never happened accurate age as they predicted. I went on October And then my brother went, they told his future wifes name and he will marry her in , surprisingly he got married last February and the wifes name was correct. Recently I became interested in nady wakya after reading about it in a paper.

    I would like to get a reading. Want to know wether it is true. All the information they have given about our past life is true. I went on February You have to listen them carefully.