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I came here to know about when would my marriage take place. Could you let me know when i would be getting married , in which direction would he be located , wat would be the nature of this guy and about his family. I have written a good article for girls with delay in marriage. Thanks a ton , sir one more thing how would he be like , in terms of education and family background ….

Sir, Will you tell me about my future life partner,his aspects and when will i get married? I want to know when will i get married and how will be my married life,and when i will get good job..???????????? I am into Human resources and havent been able to progress much. Do you see any change in career? I got married in and we fight a lot and I dont understand what the problem in. Can you please how will i be financially and will my marriage always be like this with full of fights.

Hi VB you posted your request on a wrong thread. I want to know when i will get married and how will be my married life? Why there is delay? What kind of life partner i will get in educational status n finance? When will my marriage takes place? Plz tel me what kind of job i may get? Will i go abroad? Hello Sir, I have a lot of confusions regarding my marriage since i am not sure if a am ready for marriage. Can you please predict when i will get married and what kind of my spouse will i have? Thanks a lot sir. An date : 23 Feb time : am place : Coimbatore, Tamilnadu.

I was married once 10 years ago and divorced after 14 months of marriage. Since then I could not find a suitable partner. Would I be able to find happiness in married life again? God is only one. I Want t know abt my future life partner and married life? How will be my partner in education n financial status? In my birth chart i hav exalted 9th lord in 5th house along wid 5th lord mars n venus.. How will be her married life and spouse:. Chakwal time in the morning.. Hi Usman exact time of birth is needed includig minutes. Hi Ramayh it is a good time to get married before may 8th All the best.

I have looked at your birth chart. A crystal clear indication of a love and that turning into marriage. Sir, please tell me my marriage time, profession real estate Business suitable or not. B ————— P. Sir, Will you tell about my future life partner,his appearance and character? Will my marriage be a love marriage?

Please tel me what kind of job i may get? Sir u r correct i had but now no. We are so financially sound but leading a happy life with wat we have. The only problem and worry is about my marriage to my family members so if that happens every thing will be fine. Sir, can you please tell me whether ill get my love back or its a arranged marriage.

Honestly, without looking at his chart, please try to forget this part of your life Anu. Hi Sir, I want to know whether I will ever be successful in life…. Date of birth time of birth Place of birth-bangalore,karnataka. Lord Maha Vishnu should be your saviour here. The Husband could be doing a finance or computer related job. After November , a good period operatef for the next 30 onths from that date. Sir, thanx ,thanx n really lot of thanx sir for ur detailed and polite answer.

Sir , My dob is Place of birth: Bangalore,Karnataka. Time of Birth pm. Gender: female. Please predict about my future spouse,his nature,his rashi,his profession,his family background,whether it would be love or arranged marriage,and my overall married life. I thank you in advance. Jupiter would also endorse this from may to may Mars the lagna lord located in the 6th house of rogasthan together with saturn making a saturn mars yoga.

Arrogance does not take one any where. Sir i want to know about my merriage and i also want to know my future partner name and can you tell me the date of marriage,and my financial issues. Would be more of a dominating type person. All the Best Regards SK. I am not able to tell you the name of your spouse, as i have not learned such principles.

RP respected sir, thank you for your reply,sir i also want to know the service govt or private looks,colour,family background,siblings of my life partner. Will you tell about my future life partner,his appearance and character? Will my marriage be a love or arranged? Please tell about my future life partner,his appearance and character. I also like to know about his family and his profession. Will my marriage be a love or arranged marriage?

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Will my her marriage be a love or arranged marriage? Venus being exalted should show some of those features in the native. Her Lagna lord is very strong. Moon is afflicted. Looking at the main dasa, sub dasa period , any time before march , marriage is possible. Thank you for your previous answer on my second marriage yesterday.

I already have someone in my mind I mentioned it in my new reply from yesterday. I felt great attraction towards him, but he lives far away. So I I would like to know does he match to my second husband? Foreigner, direction, distance, look? Could you please send me your email id, as there are things which I cant write in open forum. Its a request. But, your words offended me a bit. We cannot divide people like that.

If our culture mine, eastern european, with lot of suffering is only based on individual comfort, with no respect for the family how would we survive as a society? And of course, people are different among one family, not to mention whole nations, etc. Some people sacrifice more, respect and care more for others, some less. It is all about balance. Let us take all those sages you have mentioned, for them being what they are, they had to be self-centered.

Being a mother, usually means give up a lot of things. And me, being a mother, I know that. I have a good and loving parents, siblings and beautiful daughter. I was always true to persons I love and faithful. I always worked hard, so I could not say that in our society we are all selfish. But, since I am alive person too, sometimes, I must try to make me happy as much as I can. That does not mean that I do not think of others. Quite the opposite: always trying to please others, not to hurt others, was my priority. That is why I suffered and stayed in marriage for so long.

And I think love is very important. Marriage should exist first in our hearts, then in front of the world. That is how I see it. TM Sir, thanx ,thanx n really lot of thanx sir for ur detailed and polite answer. I am married and life is not as rosy as it should. We are having loads of difficulties in our lives and work.. Can you please help. I like to know about my future life partner,his appearance,profession and about his family.

How many siblings he will have? As Ragu is in 7th house,will my marriage be delayed? Thnx for deleting my other posts. Appreciate if you could delete the birth details of mine and for personal reasons wanting to delete this. Hope you would oblige. We have registered in matrimony also. Pls help me with ur predictions. Pls acknowledge my message. Will u be able to tell about my spouse? When will I marry? Do I have love or arranged marriage? Please suggest remedies? Sir, I would like to know whether my marriage will be a love one or an arranged one..

Thanks a lot for your time to provide answers to my queries. I would like to the nature of spouse and field of her profession. Thats all i see from the chart. I would like to know when my marriage will happen? Will this be a love or arranged or intercaste or interreligious marriage? Through whom the girl will come? Any directions? Jupiter is the saviour here. Thanks for your prediction. Am not into any affairs so far and the likelihood is also less as i am posted at onsite abroad for the last few years and various alliances are coming in thru contacts from our family but nothing is settled as yet.

My marriage is fixed in December but with a marginally slight delay as per the predictions and it is an arranged marriage from the family. My parents are from kerala but i was born in kalyan mumbai. Did my entire schooling, college from mumbai itself , i work in a very senior advisory position. So no hiccups over that area. Lord Shiva is your saviour!

Thanks a million for your reply … i have done my icwa and also MBA in Finance , currently working as a associate vice president in investment banking firm. Been reading the queries posted here and i was under the impression that moon and sun represents the parents in navamsa. Astrology is truly a interesting field….. Dear sir, My DOB place chennai time 7. Looks like all the beneficial planets like Jupiter,mercury,venus are in my 12th house. I am really unhappy if i will get a suitable partner, pls let me know when i will get married.

I am shivagami, i am suffering a lot because my husband expired 2. I am very sorry to hear this. I can udnerstand the confusion you are in. Name : Radhakrishnan DOB : Sir i have paid advance to house but not able to go so i just want to confirm when should i go or should i stay in my sisters house only as i am not comfort their i decided to stay alone with my daughter can u please suggest about this.

Sir how will my child will be some told that because of her father expired she will be having problem is it true. Name of a child is to be decided by father and mother. My husband family are making afraid becuase of her father died it will affect the child and they are not fighting for my child. Name : Anjali DOB : Sir, I like to know about my future life partner,his appearance,profession and about his family.

As Rahu is in 7th house,will my marriage be delayed? First Name k my name start from k n my surname start from t Gender:frmale Date of Birth I m waiting for a reply from ur side, please reply me also as i hv posted my query ealier but u didnt pay ne attention. My parents searching a match for me n i need ur guidance Regards Tripti. I am in love with someone and just bcoz of my manglik status i forcefully did a break up.

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I have heard numerous stories about manglik affliction and its impact on the other half. And some details about my future life partner. Am i going to marry the person whom i love or there is someone else?? Hope u will guide me with our valuable advice. Namaste Sir, Thanks for ur response. My parents met some astrologer in this month and he concluded that am a manglik because my lagna is afflicted with mars. The astrologer concluded that Manglik persons have difficulty in marital life or it may cause the death of the partner.

And on top of this the astrologer was telling that a girl being born in some Gand Mool Nakshatra is not supposed to be good which brings trouble to myself and well as others. After listening to all this from my parents i gt troubled. Sir, i really dnt understand what is all this.

Yes Mars is Mars even though Aries is its own house, there is a delay , but it is not a anglik. Thank you for your valuable advice. Am a bit relieved right now. Sorry for disturbing you Sir, I would be grateful enough if you would tell me a bit about my profession and my future spouse?? Will i have a love marriage or an arranged marriage?

Tell me about my life. Will I have a lot of ups and downs in life? Will I make money or lose it all? I have an afflicted Moon with Rahu in the 6th house. What about my studies? I have no friends. Will I ever have friends? Please recite Swaya Vara mantra as well. My parents were never rich, but they loved me a lot.

We always had food on the table, but never fancy houses or cars. What career path would you recommend for me? Tell me about my ups and downs in life. I have Rahu and Moon in the 6th house. Sir i had posted my query since 1st feb. Dear Sir, Please let me know about my marriage? Why so much delay? When will it happen? Any suggestions for me? Sir i m nt hvint ne affair, in past 3yrs yrs back i ws in raltionship dat also broke up in a month n nw my paretns r searching for a match.

Sorry for posting this again. My parents are so worried about me, it makes me feel bad for everything. We are trying to find a match via all possible mediums but nothing worked out yet. I have done various pujas like Mangal resolving, Gauri poojan etc. Please let me know about my marriage. How can this be resolved? Hi NS a quick question.

Hello Sir, I am working, however, I do understand the importance of marriage. For me family does comes first and I do wish to get married to a decent person. The initial delay was because I liked someone earlier, but he got married elsewhere. I moved on for good. Now me and my family are finding matches from more than 1 year now.

Recently, a person turned out to be a fraud also. He told everything wrong about himself, right from beginning. In my heart, I do wish to share my life with a special someone. I do want to get married and have a companion. Please let me know what should I do? Thanks Sir, for the help. Regarding your question.. There were no bitter words or anything, but it did hurt. I tried my best to forgive and forget. So, here I am, now positively trying to search for my partner.

I will try to be more open and positive. I wish to be happily married soon. Thanks for the inspiration. Regards, NS. From June on wards Jupiter would endorse this. So Year is the best period for marriage. Please tell me how will be my married life and my Partner. My parents are facing problem in searching a groom for me. I am not satisfied with my current job please let me know when will I get a good job……. Name- P. Sir indirectly u hv said i cn hv love marriage, bt dnt hav ne affair ryt nw… thankx for such info bt sir cn u tell how my married lyf wud b?

Sir, I wanted to know when i ll get marry? Because as early as possible i should marry. M Place of Birth:New Delhi. Dear Sir, i wish to seek the name of my future life partner and also the time of my marriage.. Sir i m still waitin for an answer as i m hving rahu in 7th house so many perople hv also told me lik u dat iwil hv love marriage bt wil also hv delayed one or it wud b problematic nt harmonious, please reply to me also on dis cintext n d one i askd earlier.

Thank you Ram. No worries Ram! The best part of not knowing about something is learning about it!!! Thanks for your response! You know… I came into this life without parents… I was adopted as a baby and that might account for the nothing on the left or right. I have an adoptive family that loves me very much and that is good enough for me. Sorry to hear that. I am not getting words to explain this any more, i can only kneel down and admire the work of the Lord who created all of us!

I feel your wish and many thanks for it. In school… we just finished reading the Gita and Aristotles nicomanchean ethics. Our assignment is to write a paper about what Arjuna and Aristotle would say to one another if they were in the same room together. The Gita had a profound effect on me and as for Karma… in my own life, I can see many instances of where I may or may have not had success in dealing with my own Karma. I have been able to experience a connection with the Lord not because of all the good things that have happened but more so as when I have struggled and come out of the other side of that struggle, transformed into a better person.

When the good things happen… the birth of my son, going to school, the love of my friends and family… I get to feel incredible gratitude. Thanks for doing what you do Ram… I really like that all you ask is that people you help… go and help others. Children and the elderly… I think this is wonderful and I am happy to oblige. Your first house we call this lagna in the horoscope chart is Aries. The lord of this house is Mars.

Mars is a fiery planet. Mars is good for warriers and athletes. Mars is also quick, quick in action, quick temper,harsh etc. They are the people whom we can trust to designate something and can have a guarantee that they will do the job. When we are in trouble we should always approach a martian mars person and we would get a result : , mars is a crisis handler!

I am seeing 7th house for the partner. Libra lord is Venus. Venus is a pleasure seeking planet. Venus very much associated with finance, sex,women,entertaiment, perfumes,ornaments, gold, travel etc. This venus has come to your lagna 1st house. The self lord mars and the 2nd lord of finance which is also venus, the marriage lord in this chart has exchanged houses. I see the 4th house for family happiness. Venus is your 7th lord of marriage partner. I would not be surprised if you find your soul mate between March this year and November Saturn is your career lord, and he is focusing on your 6th house now.

I have told my wife, there is something big i am supposed to do, it is just not the Technology Job, living in the city or money, there is something big, i have been telling her all these years. I want to help the people, and in turn i would like these people to go and help the poor kids out there, irrespective of the country, region, color , language etc. I want this world to be a better place, and I would do the level best i can to bring a change to the children life. That is my Mission and that is finally the purpose of my life! I do not have millions of money to help the poor people, but i would help them my own way, that is asking my clients to help the poor by not taking any fees for my consultation, and i sincerely honestly hope people would do what i am requesting them to do!

Above is an excerpt from your own sentences. I tell you, it is all about the mind, it is all about how good we control our mind. Your feedbak has been very important to me as i continue to talk to people and compile my findings. Let me take this opportunity to wish yourself, your son and his education all the best and May God Almighty help you two in what ever good thing you do in your life!! I would like to know about my married life and my marraige partner. Will I have a love marraige or an arranged one.

When I consulted an astrologer, he said I would have a divorce. I request you to help me with this. Please find my birth details below. Dear Sir, Pls look at my chart and tell me when will i get married? I have shown my chart to several astrologers and they said that my chart is little weak on marriage front and suggested some definite time periods year month etc.

But inspite of following all their advice till date I am not been able to get married. Whenever some proposals reaches the maturity point and I feel that it will culminate to marriage some or the other problem crops up and the marriage gets cancelled like the boy getting transferred to different city, family problem, etc.

You are my last hope sir……pls suggest whether i will get married in this life or not…….. Good thing is Jupiter would endorse this marriage by that time, so you are good to go! Thank you so much for replying my query. Yes as u said, I had two love affairs before. The first one was not so serious and I was young too, so did not think of marriage. But the second love affair lasted off and on for four to five years, and I have broken up with the person last month only, I mean January Another problem is there……..

I am based in Mumbai and work in a senior position in a good firm, am professionally very well established. So it is difficult for me to leave this city as I am in the finance profession. Most of the time what happens is whenever I date somebody and we come close for marriage the guy gets a new job and gets transferred to a new city, where it is difficult for me to relocate. And this has happened in the past at least five to six times. I dont know why it happens with me only. Somehow I feel God is not willing that I should get married.

But you see I am already 37 and being a middle class Indian girl it is really difficult as there is societal pressure, pressures from relatives etc. Can u give me some idea about the person I will get married to, will he be from my known circle, with whom I had relations in the past or completely a new person.

Then I will try to revive my old relationships if your predictions tell that the person will be from my known circle. I asked you about why my marriage is not happening, and you replied on February 24, that starting May 8, things will start moving in right direction. It is June 20th, but still there is no sign of things moving on marriage front. The same sorry state of affairs continues as far as marriage is concerned.

I am religiously following whatever you asked me to do, but still has not got any result. Would request you to please look into the matter and reply me as soon as possible, so that I dont lose faith in myself and astrology. Please sir, please do give a reply. I have been married for the past 14 years and have one daughter of 13 yrs old.

From me and my husband are staying separately due to job.. Now he is planning to come back to India will the change of job be good for him?? Will it be like this throughout?? His DOB I am also an ameture student in Astro and I did the following analysis; that Sun as lord of 4th in 1st house aspecting 7th seems to be benefic and also antardasa of Sun in running so I think seems to me a probable period.

Sir i m also waitin for a reply in detail about my future married ife and also about my future husband as u said u wil tel me, but stil i m in que. Please help me out also. Can u kindly tell me about my future husband and married life? My birth details are 17 dec , 12 pm, kanpur u. Sir I want to know the name of my future husband and his phsical attributes and nature,complexion.

As you are prasna question you answered for me well aware that my love life has been pretty sad and stressful.. I am waiting for your reply. I want to know about my husband n married life as my parents are very worried about my marriage which is gettin delayed. Yes sir i had one. But it was mutual i have moved on. Can u kindly tell about my future husband n married life please. I have tried to figure it out on my own, but due to lack of information on the internet, it has remained very confusing to me. A pandit once told my mother that I will marry outside my race and due to that I will lose touch with my family.

He also said that marriage will cause me to leave my homecountry. I was wondering if you could tell me what a surya stotra is. Which is why I dont know what a surya stotra is. As an answer to your question, I did have a few problems in my early childhood concerning my father. May I ask why you have asked me this question. Hi Kate I shall write to you about surya stotra sun mantra later, i am busy getting ready for office.

Thanx for explaining the question regarding my father to me sir. Following are the details. Nagpur Maharashtra. How would be my life partner? I am working in Marketing communications. Thank you for your quick reply. Will try doing it. Though if u could also predict certain charateristics abt my future husband and whether it will be love or arranged marraige then it will surely help me in making a certain choice.

Sir y u nt replyin to me??? When will he come in my life. The parents are worried with the girl who toldthem that she wants to marry whom she likes now. Will the marriage be approved by parents, will there be a out of the caste marriage. When is the girl likely to get married and a general overivew of her married life please. Your help is greatly appreciated. Girl details place of birth: guntur, andhra pradesh time of birth: PM date of birth: 23rd july Thank you so much for your wonderful analysis. Yes you are right. Does this mean she will not respect her parents and not listen to them?

Debilitated 7th lord Mars, you mentioned not good from the husband side. What does that mean. Can you please elaborate more on this. Also you mean that marriage can get fixed and happen any time soon, right? Date of marriage was I got a job and I am in India. Are there chances of my going abroad? Hi VB wait till June you would get jupiter —saturn dasa period. Not a shubha thinking! Question: I have been in touch with a boy from abroad indian for about 7 months march — sept He is really handsome, highly educated, good background, no mental issues. Born Aug 22, , Delhi.

Dont know time of birth. I broke-off the relationship in sept I want to get married with him now. Will it work out? I had recently been in touch with a boy from abroad indian born 22nd aug, , Delhi Time not known. We really connected well and we were in touch from march to sept I broke off the relationship after that.

He is handsome, sincere, well educated, great character. But now I want to get married to him. Thanks for your reply Sir. To be brutally honest, I kind of stopped believing in relationships after my failure last time 2 yrs back. You are right, that is the reason I backed off. But I am now confused, not with respect to his the boy integrity but in general about relationships. With regards to going abroad, I am partly ready. What does exchange of secrecy mean. Does it mean we like each other at some level? My parents have started looking for bride since January Most of the peoples replying negatively.

Can you please look into my birth details and advice me. Start from may would be a very good for marriage. Jupiter would have blessing for the marriage from may for a period of 1 year. As per your advice, we have decided to postpone my marriage plans. I am working in a software company and having almost 6 yrs of experience. In my present job, I have completed 2 yrs. Can you please advice me, whether I can shift job for better. Also can you please predict about my future life. MY query is still pending. Please tell about my husband and married life??

Hello ramkrishnan garu, i request you to kindly take a look at my chart and provide your comments on the following questions. Date of birth: October 20, time of birth: PM place of birth: nuzvid, andhra pradesh, india. I would like to know all about my future husband Can you tell me his name? Just to remind you and ask you again to pls predict my future in this matter. I would be appreciate of any info, but I am more interested to know when do you think I will get married. Tnx for doing this. Will she have brothers and sisters if so how many? Good question!

I am getting pisces as the lagna, its lord jupiter is present there, very strong. I am seeing just the bhagya factor is not ready to help. Good time ahead is shown in the chart for the marriage purpose! Can you kindly say what kind of person is he? Thank you very much for your reply and it was so quick. As i am living far away from my birth place in england would the same conditions apply? Sir I wanted to know about my studies, career and about relationship. When marriage is in my cards? What kind of my life partner would be?

I want Tall, handsome, gentleman and rich person, with whom i live life lavishly , will my stars fulfill my wish or any compromise is in my chart? Thanks in advance. I want to know if I will be married to a guy who knows music? Background about me: I have been in 2 relationships.

Are you an Artist? Do you have any Art?

One in and one in Both did not succeed and breaking up was NOT my choice. Second one was really heart breaking and I am still not able to forget her. I live abroad by the way. So go for arranged marriage. Thanks a lot. I will go ahead and recite the mantra. Sincere Regards, DS.

Jupiter would also endorse this marriage by a transit over the 7th house. I have a general question to ask out of curiosity, not just about myself. What does a situation like this mine mean for people from a culture where there are no arranged marriages? Does it mean that all their relationships are doomed to fail? Thanks for the clarifications. I kind of see the point now. Just trying to understand more, the implications that might come along with a prediction. I did a lot of reading of my sun sign characteristics before and they definitely seem to be true in matching up with my core principles, even-though its all painted in broad strokes.

Thankx a lot for ur tie on my chart sir. Sir plz tel me related to dis. I would b grateful if u help me in knwin abt dis. I meagerly waitin for a reply Regards Tripti. Respected Sir, Someone hd also adviced me for kumbh vivah, as acc to oder astrologer there is confusions n difficulties in my marrried lyf due to rahu n saturn plz sir i request u to concentrate one more last tym on my chart n pla reply dat wil i hv problem in married lyf or is i blissful,wil i b happily married or nt?

I m stil waitin Regards Tripti. Date of Birth Time: I am writing you again. I request you to please look into my horoscope as i m facing the following difficulties in getting proper match —. Despite of me being well educated and working in top mnc, i m not able to find a proper match? I have been rejected two-three times for only reason being so tall 6.

I m scared will i able to find any proper match to my height. I have been keen on keeping traditional values for my family and decided to do arrange marriage. But conditions like these are not prompting in favorable environment. Dear Sir, You had told me contact after my exams so I m done with it today. You said that the indications are not good for a period of one year for both of us to get married or rather situations wont allow. His family is looking for girl for him so I wanted to know is there a possiblity of him getting married before I could give my best try and work on the remedy you have given me.

As I told you I really want this relation to work out. But he is already 29 so m really worried. Please can you tell me when I will get married, what sort of a husband I will get education, status, looks , will my marriage be a happy one? Will it last? Also curious to know about my own educational and career prospects.

I am a software engineer by profession. Is it possible to know whether my marriage is a love or arranged one? This is Anitha born in Madurai now im 23 my D. B is 25 dec I just want to know whether my parents accept my choice of guy,they already rejected my choice please advise is their any possibilities they will be accept it? Will I be able to get married and when? What she will look like? Will I ever be able to settle down in life 3 Recently I have started a business in partnership but I am facing huge losses in it as well.

Will my business be profitable. Since my child hood, i didnt had good Friendships. Regarding the specific case of girls, i studied in boys school. Also in my UG and PG, i had minimal interaction with girls or u can also say to degree of no interaction. Yes i am a career career guy. I have just now shifted my job just to improve upon my career. Due to god grace, this shift was extraordinary in my career and it has improved my position. But guruji, i have a doubt. You in starting told me that i have aries lagna but in fact as per my horoscope i have pisces lagna at my birth time.

I am not a Guru, i am only a medium! Since i have been rejected times, only due to my height as most of the people i met had a concern that due to my tall stature match is improper. So my question is that if get a chance to marry a girl, what she will be look like — Height , physique, stature, looks. As per your prediction made last year in March , i am still unmarried. Can you please look into my horoscope and tell me when i can expect blessings of lady luck? My childhood,student life was very horrible. Sex — Female DOB — Dear Sir, Thanks a lot for your reply. Any remedies? Dear Sir, When will i get married?

Could you please throw some light on her education,family,appearance? Lagna : Gemini Thanks in advance and may god bless you since you are doing such a fine work nothing better then showing someone a ray of light in darkness. Respected Sir, Someone hd also adviced me for kumbh vivah, as acc to oder astrologer there is confusions n difficulties in my marrried lyf due to rahu n saturn plz sir i request u to concentrate one more last tym on my chart n please reply dat wil i hv problem in married lyf or is i blissful,wil i b happily married or nt?

Please help me know something about my love life……n my future……. Respected Sir, i need ur help n msged u so many tyms bt i dnt knw wts wrng dat u nt responding me. Someone hd also adviced me for kumbh vivah, as acc to astrologers there is confusions n difficulties in my marrried lyf due to rahu n saturn plz sir i request u to concentrate one more last tym on my chart n please reply dat wil i hv problem in married lyf or is i blissful,wil i b happily married or nt?

Will u tell about my spouse appearance,profession and character.. And when will i get married.. Will he be good to me and my family members? I have just come out of Ketu Dasa which was bad especially at the tail end. Could i respectfully request you to give me an indication as to how my Shukra Dasa will look like especially in terms of when i can start experiencing positive effects.

Sincerely, Tinnel Vel. You are Virgo Lagna. Venus is 2nd and 9th lord. Venus is placed in own house so powerful. Sir, I wanted to know when will be my marriage and to whom his career,place,status,character etc. Kindly reply to me also.. Happy Holi Sir, When will i get married? Name:akhil date of birth time of birth: am place of birth:alappuzha. Respected Sir, When will i get married? Date of Birth : I wanted to know, whom i ll get marry? Please see what is my future career and marriage prospects. Please indicate if there are any change of career.

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Also do let me know the time of marriage. She has not got married till date. My parents have not been able to find asuitable boy for her. Can you please tell me when she will get married. NAME :s. I am here again after 2 months, In january I have been in touch with you, discussed about my problems, asking about my future , as per your wish I have joined the Company and working since 2 months , begining there is back log due to few persons left before I have joined , almost I have cleared the things and now my worry is that in future I may not get sufficient work load.

Everyone in the country is looking forward to these results, afterall the Indian citizens have participated in a large number to constitute the 16th Lok Sabha. News channels throughout the country are showing the results of the exit polls, similarly astrologers throughout the country are trying to predict the future for India. Here we are presenting a preview of the real picture of 16th May , that is what is going to happen tomorrow.

So, read on this very special report of ours based on the astrological predictions, before the actual results of Lok Sabha elections. Here comes the general predicted analysis about the major parties in the country. Here, according to our predictions the maximum seats are obtained by Bhartiya Janata Party i.

Here a total of 40 Lok Sabha seats are available for different political parties. Here a total of 2 Lok Sabha seats are available for different political parties. Here a total of 48 Lok Sabha seats are available for different political parties. Here a total of 39 Lok Sabha seats are available for different political parties. Here a total of 14 Lok Sabha seats are available for different political parties. Here a total of 42 Lok Sabha seats are available for different political parties.

Here a total of 26 Lok Sabha seats are available for different political parties. Here a total of 5 Lok Sabha seats are available for different political parties. Here a total of 21 Lok Sabha seats are available for different political parties. Here a total of 29 Lok Sabha seats are available for different political parties. Here a total of 20 Lok Sabha seats are available for different political parties. Here a total of 6 Lok Sabha seats are available for different political parties.

Here a total of 11 Lok Sabha seats are available for different political parties. Here a total of 1 Lok Sabha seat is available for different political parties. Here a total of 1 Lok Sabha seat are available for different political parties. Moon sextiles Mars and opposite Mercury. Jupiter squares Venus. We were just listening in the news that the wave of NaMo has come. But, the results have proved that it is actually the Modi Tsunami. Hanumman Mishra says about this grand victory of BJP. The poll result was getting up one-by-one unexpectedly.

Such an amazing contest it was. Nobody had expected such results. Indeed, Narendra Modi deserved this victory, but something must have done by stars too. Even the leaders of NDA were not accepting such a thumping victory. They were saying that they would get somewhere from to As we know that Saturn shows justice and common people, and Saturn is exalted. Therefore, people will be empowered by this election. Saturn is also retrograde and it shows that people were in mood of giving decisive mandate.

Therefore, a wave was evident from these planetary positions. It also indicates toward a result that was not expected. The huge effort from Narendra Modi, his numerous rallies and visit throughout India benefitted him a lot. He managed to create trust among the masses about his personality and intentions.

That trust resulted in his victory. By Pt. Mars is getting direct in Virgo on May 20, After being retrograde and transiting in Virgo, it is going to turn direct in Virgo. Mars is getting direct on May 20, in Virgo in Hasta constellation owned by Moon. It will now travel in its regular course towards Libra. Note : These predictions are based on ascendant. If you are not aware of your ascendant, please click here: Ascendant Sign Calculator The effects of this transit on various ascendants could be: Aries : Mars is transiting in sixth house that eliminate enemies.

The native of Aries will beget money, gold, fame, and happiness. You may have some stomach problem and indigestion. You may face some loss in legal matters. Taurus: Avoid performing immoral acts, because that may lead to loss in name and fame. Some progeny related problems may be possible. You may face some difficulty in your spiritual progress. Gemini : You may face some blood related issues. Try to avoid any conflict with relatives and take care of your health. Take special care of your children as they may face some physical injuries. Cancer : There will be victory over opposition.

Your communication skills will improve and you will also get recognition because of them. You may face some problem from servants and pets. Leo :Take care of your belongings and try to avoid conflict with relatives. Your friends might not be able to support you. You may face some loss due to speculation. Virgo :Take care of your health as you might get fever and headache.

Some difference of opinion with family members might be possible. Try to avoid any argument with your spouse. Libra: Try to avoid any problem with spouse. Take extra care of your arms and shoulders. Your opposition might try to defame you. Scorpio : You will have good time initially, as ascendant lord will be getting direct in eleventh house, is a good thing for you. You will gain money, friends, and goodwill during this time. You will get success in many of your efforts. Sagittarius: You will be having good time. Apart from small things there will be only beneficial things happening to you.

Just try to control your expenses. Capricorn : There will be wish to relocate or buy a new property, religious travels will be there, resulting in long journeys. You might do some renovation in your present residence. Aquarius : Try to avoid acts that lead to defamation. You may face debt related issues and might feel some sickness.

Try to act ethically in every situation, so that your work will get respect. Pisces :Some lack in will power and internal strength is possible. Legal issues may bother you a little bit. Try to avoid laziness. So, this was all I had about this change of position of Mars. Being direct, Mars will affect many lives, utilize the best of these predictions. Stay tuned to more such useful videos. Moon trines Rahu. Mercury trines Moon and sextiles Venus. Venus sextiles Moon and opposite Rahu. Saturn trines Jupiter. Rahu trines Mercury.

Not advisable to make long positions in healthcare, capital goods, automobiles, pharma, and infra sector companies. The question is - Quiz 15 Question : On November 21, , the native joined her first job. What do you think the field of this job could be? Explain with astrological reasons. All the right answers along with explanation will be considered as winners and one of them the best one will get the surprise gift from AstroSage!

What do you think the disease could be? You can also get featured by AstroSage, as we feature our winners every month. It is the first online directory of astrologers, which helps in finding astrologer anywhere. If you register yourself here, it will become quite easier for people to reach you. Keep this AstroSage Astrology Quiz up with your responses. Event Of The Day! Read on to know more Welcome to 2 minute astrology tutorial series by AstroSage.

I have often seen astrologers saying that Rajayogas are useless, Rajayogas do not give any results. This happens to astrologer because of lack of understanding of principles of Rajyoga cancellation. Today, I am telling you principles of Rajayoga cancellation which I understood after years of my experience and study. I am sharing this experience with you and it is very important, so listen carefully. The primary reason of Rajayoga cancellation is lack of strength in the planet forming Rajayoga.

Earlier, I explained the 15 principles that you can use to judge the strength of a planet. Apart from those 15 principles, I am also telling you five reasons due to which one doesn't get Rajayoga results. First, depositor : If the lord of the sign where the Rajayoga forming planet is placed, is weak, we can not expect any Rajayoga results. Second, aspects : If Rajayoga forming planet is receiving aspects from natural malefics like Mars and Saturn. Third, junction point or Sandhi : Sandhi is a term used in Vedic astrology for the point where one sign ends and another starts.

If this Sandhi is for both sign and Nakshatra, it has even more Rajayoga cancellation effect. By Nakshatra Sandhi, I mean a planet is close to degree, degree or degree where both sign and Nakshatra have junction point. Fourth, Navamsa strength : If a planet is weak in Navamsa, especially if a planet is debilitated in Navamsa, results of Rajayoga will be nullified. In a nutshell, if Ascendant and Moon are weak, no Rajayoga will be able to deliver its results.

Hope you have learnt many secrets of astrology with our "2 minute astrology tutorial". Till next time - bye bye. You can subscribe to our exclusive collection of videos on astrology, Yoga, and spirituality. To subscribe, please click here - Namaste! Venus opposite Rahu. Mercury squares Moon and sextiles Venus. Jupiter trines Moon and squares Venus. Selling in all the sectors will be observed, especially in banking, financial and exports sector companies. Mercury, the fastest moving and the first planet of the solar system, is transiting in Gemini on May 23, The fast moving nature of Mercury will produce different impacts on your zodiac sign.

Wonder, what they could be?


Know them, by reading the astrological predictions of Pt. The transit of Mercury in Gemini is surely going to affect our lives. Mercury is the ruler of Gemini , which means that Mercury is going to its own home. It is a very fast moving planet and the very first planet in our solar system. Because of its fast motion, Mercury changes its effects instantly. For example, if it is giving you peace, may bring adventures too very soon. This transit of Mercury in Gemini will make people more communicative, sociable, and curious.

It will also become an important reason for increasing distractions. Some of the other effects of Mercury in Gemini are: the prices of grains, gold, and silver will rise. We will also see some rise in political issues of the country. Just read out the links given below to know about the effects of this transit of Mercury in Gemini in detail. Today i. May 24 is the very pious Achla Ekadashi.

Achala Ekadashi also helps in gaining purity of soul and mind along with the material wealth. May 24, is a very pious day of Achala Ekadashi. The Apara Ekadasi or Achala Ekadashi is so highly auspicious that observance of its fast leads to elimination of all the sins, committed knowingly or unknowingly, by a person. Even the sins that include high amount of criminality also fade away by observing Achala Ekadashi fast. He told him that the name of the Ekadashi is 'Apara' because it is the provider of immense Apara wealth and prosperity.

The one who observes the fast of Apara Ekadashi gets extreme favor of Lord Vishnu. Observance of the fast of Achala Ekadashi leads to removal of all sins and help in filling the life of the devotee with light of new beginning. Apara Ekadashi also enlightens the life of the devotees with light of knowledge and purity. Observance of Apara Ekadashi fast helps in purifying the mind and showing the correct path of life.

Holi Day Of Apara Ekadashi Although, every auspicious day comes with a unique significance and its auspiciousness with others events is, immeasurable. But, if we talk about the auspiciousness of Apara Ekadashi, the observance of Apara Ekadashi fast is considered equivalent to: Holy bath taken in Prayaga during the month of Magha Donating elephant, cow, gold, clothes, etc.

The devotees get up early in the morning and perform all the rituals like bathing and wearing clean clothes. The one who observes the fast, visits the nearest temple, offer prayers to Lord Vishnu. Also, perform bathing of Shaligram with Panchamrit mix of honey, curd, milk, sugar, and jaggery is done. Intake of grains, non-vegetarian food, and alcohol is strictly prohibited Devotee can consume milk, fruits, milk products, or dry fruits. Chant Mantra of Lord Vishnu with a pure heart, mind, and soul. Worship Lord Vishnu in the evening, by offering prayers and Mantras Distribute Prasad with other devotees or family members.

Removal of previously committed sins is important for giving a fresh start to the life. Achala Ekadashi acts like a ray of hope that spreads auspiciousness in one's life. So, observe the fast of Achla Ekadashi and gain the immense favor of Lord Vishnu. Sun is transiting in zodiac sign Gemini, on June 15, As we know that planets affect our lives differently, so what could be the effects produced by this transit? Know, what astrologer Pt. Hanumman Mishra has to say about this transit On June 15, , at a.

Sun will remain there till July 16, As a result of this transit, we are going to see many political disturbances in the areas of North and East India, especially in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. On the other hand, suffering of children and some controversial situations are possible in the South Indian states. Western parts of India will remain filled with peace and prosperity.

Aries : Sun is posited in your third house , so your domestic life will remain filled with peace and prosperity. You might be able to complete all the pending works with your hardwork and dedication. You will get the news related to financial gains. Relationships with friends and relatives will improve. This is also a good time for health. You will get the chances of pleasing journeys.

Small journeys will prove to be fortunate and pleasing. Taurus : Sun is posited in your second house ; therefore, this time is not appropriate for financial issues. Try to be more careful in the money related matters. Your domestic life may also get affected, during this transit. Some eye or face related problem might disturb you. During this period, take special care of what you speak and also try to control your words. Gemini : Sun will remain in your first house , so you might feel an increase in anger. You might get affected by fever or any temperature related problem.

You will gain profit through public sector or government. Small journeys are possible. You will surely get reward for your hard work. You will donate open heartedly in some social foundation. This will lead to an increase in your honor. Cancer : Sun is posited in your twelfth house , which means your expenses will increase. So, try to do your work with patience and intelligence. Try to maintain cordial relations with friends and relatives, otherwise some tensions may arise. Avoid betting or gambling, otherwise you might have to face some financial problem.

If possible, avoid long journeys. Leo : Sun is posited in your eleventh house , so your wishes and desires will come true. You will share good relations with reputed people or people on higher posts. You will get help from friends and relatives. You will get a good increment in income. Long journeys will prove to be pleasing and productive.

Deals performed during this period will produce good results. You will get immense favor from partnerships and contracts. This is also a good time for love relationships, but avoiding anger is also important. Virgo : Sun is transiting in your tenth house , so this time will prove to be very satisfactory from every aspect. This transit is not only helpful in increasing your honor and respect, but will also helpful in removing all the financial troubles.

During this period, you will gain success in your business or job along with the favor of your seniors. You will do productive journeys, regarding business. You will remain very busy and active, during this period.