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Some positive traits of these people are tolerance, sensuality, compassion, idealism etc. And they also have negative traits like hyper-sensitivity, impatience, stubbornness, quarrelsome and pessimistic. They want to please everyone which is the reason they are not good at organize things. Loaded with multiple obligations they are not able to meet some which is the reason that they let down the expectations of many people.

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This is totaly my personality. Born on the 18th of feb. I mean, i play the violin, cello, love to write, and dance flamenco. I mean we cusps do it all. Plus, the psychic side… its like i always have a gut feeling about whats going to happen.

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I love being a cusp!! I had never looked at Zodiacs or knew anything of the cusp. After a recent separation and the realisation now I had lost friends and distanced myself from family so long ago.

Why was i upset over something so little? Haha this is just like me!

Pedja petrovic astrolog-numerolog

I knew that when your birthday was close to the end of another sign starting you had lots of traits from the other sign, but i always wondered why i had so much of an aquarius! So those of us on this cusp may well mirror the conflicts of the earth at this time of upheaval and critical transition. That describes me completely. I think it has done me good to have been ignorant of astrology until recently because I know myself better now; which allows me to be objective.

I have many unusual characteristics like dark green eyes. Like most everyone said…this sounds like me. It is amazing when on rare occassions I find myself around like kind…. The description was spot on, and many of the comments had me nodding my head in agreement. Be well, fellow Cuspians! I have always felt kinda sorry for people not born on this cusp. Certain things come unbeliveably easy for us. I have dabbled in standup and improvisational comedy, screenwriting and am now getting pretty serious about pottery and knitting.

I am a medical social worker by day and help get people through a lot of end of life issues. Mwah to all my fellow cuspers. It is a great relief to read these comments. I have to work very hard at not feeling isolated from people even though I know that my presence is influential in some way. I know that I am a catalyst for change and I feel a great responsibility for what I think and do. My greatest challenge is to action my hopes and dreams and as I get older that is easier to do as I access the Aquarian side.

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Without imperfections there would be no room to grow and learn. Toggle navigation Insta Phenomenons. They can deal with not being leaders, but if they disagree with their bosses, their sense of justice and aggression can make that relationship difficult. Their high levels of energy mean that they can work for long shifts quite easily.

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They also tend to be very good at keeping records, and being very particular with details. The deepest books are those, which make you think After reading And here is book it may be love, partner relations , goals ,achieve Just think before you say something to anyone or looking backward where get mistaken. Daily horoscope think 2 time's what you said and whomever Life is one and enjoy this with wonderful people surrounding us It may be always happy rather than alone Do your job and don't ask for favors.

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This would be if we included ophiuchus! Over the next few days feel into your attachments to your comfort zones. How are you holding yourself back out of fear of the unknown? We are creatures of habit, and breaking these habits can be challenging. Feel into the grounded vibrations of Taurus to center yourself in the present moment.

Take some time to connect with nature today and in this space immerse yourself in the here and now. From this place of peace quell any nerves or feelings of anxiety with the inner knowing that you are always home within yourself. Move forward into the unknown from a place of complete presence with yourself and your surroundings.